ORLOV Jewelry 'A Precious Dream' High Jewelry and Coloured Gemstones Exhibition‎, Hotel de Paris, Monaco

ORLOV unveiled a one-of-a-kind ruby bracelet worth €4 million at its summer high jewellery exhibition ‘A Precious Dream’ in Monte Carlo, Monaco. The bracelet comprised of Burmese rubies, fancy-shape diamonds and an oval 12-carat ruby at the centre, cut and polished to perfection. An ORLOV Masterpiece.
Guests enjoyed the private showcase at the the Hotel De Paris, Salle Puccini where ORLOV presented creations featuring some of the rarest coloured gemstones and diamonds in the world. Founders Angela and Christian Orlov are involved in every stage of the jewellery making process - from sourcing each gemstone to the final setting of each jewellery piece. Producing only around 50 pieces of jewellery a year - each piece is unique.