Shawish All Diamond Ring

The thrilling journey of crafting the most unique ring in the world was accomplished through passion and innovation. "A ring made entirely of a faceted diamond has always seemed like a fantasy, it seemed impossible, so we decided to embark on the adventure of creating the perfect diamond ring that is the epitome of art." - Mohamed Shawesh

This exceptional creation has been designed for someone who knows that this diamond goes beyond its material nature, it embraces the wonder of its conception. The fabulous destiny of this stone is connected to its owner in an ultimate link which only the fire of the diamond can create. We want to tell all those who want to have something big and strong that Shawish is the accomplice of your most unlikely visions. We believe in the "impossible" and
want to be associated with the exceptional.

The World's First Whole Diamond Ring is the unbelievable achievement of our commitment to reach the "impossible".