"Be it in the waters, be it in the air, if you are born a female –you are destined to take care." Anonymous
Leyla's new collection interprets her keen interest in ancient mythology and symbolism with a modern and striking twist. It is named Okeanides after the feminine spirits who animated the waters in Greek mythology and were celebrated by the composer Jean Sibelius in his symphonic composition Aallottaret, "Spirits of the Waves" in Finnish.

Though not considered immortal, the Okeanides were believed to keep their youth and beauty. They were sometimes shy but at other times passionate lovers. Daughters of the deities Oceanus and Tethys, these aquatic nymphs were perceived as mediators between Gods, nature and humans.

This eagerly anticipated collection consists of exclusive and luxurious jewellery handcrafted in gold. The combination of wonderfully individual designs with vibrant colourful stones makes them extra special.
Rings bear a quintessentially sensual and distinctive signature. A secret touch within the shank invites one to a private visual and tactile world of sensations. Cleverly designed earrings are superbly mismatched and versatile. They can either be worn as a classic pair of studs or as a startling pair of suspended drops swinging freely.

By playing with lines, these ornaments explore the relationship between dream and reality. Organic and flowing shapes inspired by sea creatures can be interpreted on different levels: transport into another world, express unconscious emotions and translate cultural heritage in elegant and sophisticated body adornments. The dreamlike fluidity of each piece with its contrasting drama conveys precious delicacy and strength into natural and supernatural forms, thereby empowering the wearer with a certain sense of style. The voluptuous and refined jewellery can be worn for dressy evenings or casual daytime.