ABOUT JIVR | Bike is a compact, folding, chainless, electric bike equipped that redefines the concept of urban mobility.It offers a completely new kind of mobility thanks to the folding system that makes it highly portable. With the weight of less than 15kg and the easy folding mechanism JIVR Bike can be taken to a train, bus or trunk of the car to easily combine different means of transport to optimize the journey to work. The folding mechanism resolves the issue of bike storage and safety that is usually a big concern for bike owners. Depending on whether you need to enter a crowded cafe, store or an office, you can choose one of the folding positions: slim or compact one enabling you to hide JIVR | Bike under the desk. The entire folding or unfolding process takes less than 10 seconds.Equipped with electric motor JIVR | Bike enables you to choose between three cycling modes: electric, manual or assisted pedaling. The battery range is 30 kilometers, which is enough for a journey to the office and back but in case the battery goes flat it still can be pedaled as a regular bike. The battery can be fully charged in any electric socket in just 2 hours. You can use JIVR | Bike’s electric motor assistance to accelerate to 25 km/h in no time. Also incredibly helpful with climbing the hill.

JIVR | Bike keeps all the mechanical components inside the frame, creating a clean and hassle-free cycling experience. Chainless mechanical drivetrain is as efficient as chain drive, but without all the grease and hassle.

JIVR | Bike works with the smartphone too. Fire up the app, dock your phone on the handlebars, and you can see how far you've gone, calories burned, and use GPS to find your way. Thanks to iBeacon technology JIVR Bike can interact with any smart device. Practicality and performance were essential but style and elegance played significant role in the design and engineering process of JIVR | Bike. JIVR Team strived to deliver a product that perfectly fits to the modern urban lifestyle.

Pioneering technology, unique design and simplicity of use make JIVR | Bike perfect choice for urban commuting.

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