Etho Maria

Etho Maria is the signature brand collection of a well established international fine jewellery manufacturing company. Marrying impeccable craftsmanship with superior design, the Etho Maria fine jewellery line translates into exquisite, wearable pieces of art that make a bold and lasting statement. All that is created by Etho Maria rests upon one core value: the desire to offer genuine value to our customer. Every piece of fine jewellery is made with stones that have been carefully hand-picked for their exquisite beauty and value. Being masters at the art of fine crafted jewellery, each piece is lovingly created with great care at every stage in the process. This ensures the finished product will not only possess a unique beauty, but will stand the test of time. Such a philosophy encapsulates their fundamental belief that the craft of fine jewellery creation is indeed an art form. If someone had to describe the Etho Maria style in just a few words, they would probably choose the unrivalled ability to astonish and impress on observing the fine craftsmanship of each piece. Each unique design, reveals an unexpected harmony between elements and stones which appear to be made for one another. People say they design jewellery for those who expect the unexpected. Suffice to say, in embracing variety and a passion for innovation, their designs are truly one of a kind. Etho Maria designs are dynamic, expressing the aesthetic values the world of fine jewellery considers timeless. Each piece has a charm all of its own, a timeless value which makes them the ideal choice of the eclectic customer.

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