Caspita - Haute Joaillerie Geneve

Caspita is an exclamation of a thousand colours, a name chosen by Arlène Bonnant to launch her new line of fine jewellery. Caspita, in Italian is translated to “my goodness”. This word came to the designer while reminiscing about her grandfather, who used this expression of surprise in her presence throughout her childhood. This word holds many fond memories and helped create a bond between them; in much the same way as a jewel can unite two people. Arlène Bonnant is a recognized expert of 20th and 21st century Art. Having worked alongside Simon de Pury and Daniella Luxembourg, Arlène acquired an acute knowledge of the complex art market. Arlène's deep involvement with works of art and her close relationship with them compelled her to explore the inner workings of her world subsequently leading her to the creation of fine jewellery. The transition from one to the other came very naturally to Arlène who sees a jewel as a work of art in itself.

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